Washington DC

GDLN | South Asia Region

The World Bank
1818 H Street N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20433

Contact: Juan Blazquez
E-mail: gro.knabdlrow|reludehcs_nldg#gro.knabdlrow|reludehcs_nldg
Tel. +1 202-473-6309

Conference Audio Line+1 202 614 1477


World Bank

Manju Haththotuwa, South Asia Region, Finance & Private Sector Development, gro.knabdlrow|awutohthtahm#gro.knabdlrow|awutohthtahm
Sara Al Rowais, South Asia Region, Finance & Private Sector Development, gro.knabdlrow|siaworlas#gro.knabdlrow|siaworlas
Ejaz Ghani, Economic Advisor at the World Bank, gro.knabdlrow|inahgE#gro.knabdlrow|inahgE
Philippe Dongier, Sector Manager, GICT Public Sector Policy and Operations Division


Nagy Hanna, International Development Specialist

Participants from Washington DC

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