South Asia Regional Cooperation

The eight-country Regional Dialogue and Knowledge Sharing Series is produced in cooperation with GDLN; addressing various areas of potential regional collaboration in South Asia. The program was developed to initiate multi-sector collaboration programs through dialogue, sharing experiences and networking within as well as beyond South Asia - presently the least integrated region in the world.

South Asia Regional Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing for Equitable Growth and Prosperity

The intent of the program is to coordinate a series of sector-specific dialogues focused on collaboration and knowledge sharing among the eight South Asian countries. The chosen sectors incorporate country perspectives and regional dimensions, sustainable growth and development, and advancement of innovative ideas within the region to promote intra-regional or inter-regional projects. The GDLN videoconferences and virtual knowledge platforms (Wikis) work as collaborative tools, allowing the participants to exploit opportunities within each country and the region, promoting innovation and growth within each area of focus.

SASFP is able to bring to bear on all the missions, its knowledge and networks into a discussion on actionable ideas to create a ‘community of practice’ which will continue to build cooperation at several formal and informal levels. The fact that Public Private Partnerships PPP and IT related services are the underlying basis to leverage capabilities available in the region grants SASFP a unique position in facilitating these initiatives. IT enabled partnerships have the potential to become an area of collaboration which may overcome some of the political and social paradigms that have acted as barriers in the past.

SAR Regional Collaboration Program Report [Updated: December 2009]

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South Asia Regional Collaboration Services

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