Participants From Washington DC

Nagy Hanna
International Development Strategist

Dr. Hanna is an international development strategist and thought leader with extensive experience in advising countries and aid agencies on designing and implementing programs to leverage information and communication technology in support of competitiveness, innovation and growth. He has extensive experience with promoting knowledge industries, technology parks, innovation clusters, IT and IT-enabled services, e-business innovation, and public-private partnerships. He has more than 30 years of experience at the highest levels of development policy strategy, and operations, and covering all geographic regions. He was the World Bank’s first senior advisor on e-strategies. Read More.....

Manju Haththotuwa
Senior ICT Policy Specialist, World Bank

Manju is a thought leader in ICT enabled Development with over two decades of experience in Development, Management Consultancy, ICT & Engineering, while holding senior leadership positions in the private sector, government & the development sector. He has advised governments internationally as well as being a resource person, speaker and expert panelist at a number of international gatherings. Before joining the World Bank, he was involved at a national level in policy making, in collaboration with the various Chambers of Commerce, Trade Associations and Civil Society organizations across Sri Lanka. Read More....

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