Pakistan Meeting Time: 5:45-8:00 PM

Higher Education Commission


Contact: Ms. Iffat Ahmed
E-mail: kp.vog.ceh|demhatfi#kp.vog.ceh|demhatfi
Work phone: + 92 51 9040 429



Mr.Tariq Badsha, Member, IT, MoIT, moc.liamg|ahsdabt#moc.liamg|ahsdabt,
Mr. Arif Kundi, Director IT, MoIT, kp.vog.ttiom|idnukA#kp.vog.ttiom|idnukA
Mr. Zia Imran, MD, PSEB, kp.gro.besp|dm#kp.gro.besp|dm

Private Sector

Naseer Akhtar, President and CEO of INFOTECH, kp.moc.hcetofni|reesan#kp.moc.hcetofni|reesan
Muhammad Umar Zafar, VP Netsol, moc.kplosten|rafaz.ramu#moc.kplosten|rafaz.ramu
Arooj Alam Khan, General Secretary of PASHA, kp.gro.ahsap|cesneg#kp.gro.ahsap|cesneg

Paticipant Bios

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