Nepal Meeting Time: 6:30-8:45 PM

GDLN center NEPAL (Poverty Reduction Strategy Resource Center)

World Bank Office
The World Bank, Yak & Yeti Hotel Complex, Lal Durbar,
Kathmandu, Nepal

Phone: (977-1) 4226792
Fax: (977-1) 4225112

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Manohar K. Bhattarai, Vice Chairman, High Level Commission for IT, pn.moc.knilw|bk_rahonam#pn.moc.knilw|bk_rahonam
Sanjay Golchha, Executive Director, moc.ahhclog|ajnaS#moc.ahhclog|ajnaS
Binod Dhakal, pn.gro.nac|ofnI#pn.gro.nac|ofnI
Juddha Gurung, Secretary HLCIT, pn.vog.ticlh|ahdduj#pn.vog.ticlh|ahdduj

Private Sector

Pushkar Wagley, moc.oohay|yelgawrakhsup#moc.oohay|yelgawrakhsup
Shahshi Bhattaria, moc.oohay|iarattahBihsahS#moc.oohay|iarattahBihsahS
Binod Shrestha, pn.moc.knilw|xinortleb#pn.moc.knilw|xinortleb
Suresh Regmi, pn.moc.scp|imgerks#pn.moc.scp|imgerks,
Pushkar Wagley, moc.oohay|yelgawrakhsup#moc.oohay|yelgawrakhsup

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