Technology Diffusion for Development and Industrial Competitiveness - May 21, 2009

As the kick-off session for this series, this videoconference focused on establishing the existence of ongoing activities within the region within the private sector and private or public institutions active in the areas of high technology and the development of a more competitive private sector. In addition, the session aimed to provide a base for continuous dialogue among these institutions. Participants identified existing programs and initiatives which are pivotal for collaboration on a regional level; such as (i) Sri Lanka's nanotechnology park; (ii) Bangladesh’s effort on nanotechnology for clean water; (iii) India’s research on nanotechnology and innovations for a “Second Green Revolution” in agriculture, smart clothes, high performance rubber, solar paints, scientific efforts in preclinical characterization of nano-materials, efficient drug delivery using nano agents, and other ‘nano-missions’. The work at the University of Karachi and IIT Bombay in nano-medicine was at par with the research at Georgetown and all participants desired a forum for exchange of knowledge and sharing resources. It was clear from the discussion that all countries were strongly supportive of some form of regional collaboration.

Foresight Nanotech Institute and its 2007 Productive Systems: Nanotechnology Roadmap

May 21st, 2009 "Nanotechnology for Development" meeting outcome summary:

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dgCommunities Nanotechnology for Development

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