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The discussion will focus on the proposed Project Concept:
1) To develop knowledge partnerships across South Asian ITES Trade Associations and also with local public and private institutions involved in industry development and promotion; 2) To transfer global best practices and technical assistance to create successful enterprises offering sustainable and well paid employment in the SAR; 3) Encouraging collaborative behavior in the ITES sector and related sectors in its value chain, such as: a) increasing business through joint promotional activities, sub-contracting of work, building common standards, and creating centers of excellence; and b) developing supply side resources such as technical skills, support infrastructure, and enabling policies.

The event will be interactive, and we encourage open discussion and comments by the participants.
Manju Haththotuwa, South Asia Finance & Private Sector Development (SASFP), will present the highlights of the proposed Concept Note.

The discussion will address the following questions:

1. How can ITES become a catalyst for regional cooperation and growth, particularly for underserved regions and segments of the population?
2. What are the 3 top priority market responsive areas of collaboration we should forge in the proposed regional initiative?
3. How can the project components be refined - i.e. SAR ITES venture fund, Policy imperatives and institutional capacity building?

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